United Technology & Investment Corporation Ltd. (UTIC) is a specialized holding company who provides the professional services regarding technology transfer and commercialization, licensing, new technology development support, technical & market analysis, capital investment to the venture companies, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions intermediation services and any other investment advisory services. The UTIC was established on November 17, 1997.

The UTIC is in the progress of making a Global Network for satisfying our worldwide clients' needs.

Now the UTIC is acting as a Seoul Representative of DeltaTech International Inc. and cooperates with the worldwide 51 cities' network of DeltaTech. The UTIC also cooperates with China-America Technology Corp. (CTC) founded by State University of New York and is in the progress of making an alliance with technology institutes and technology transfer agencies in the U.S.A, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Russia, Israel and any other countries.

To achieve successful technology transfer and commercialization and joint venture the UTIC are pursuing to have a close cooperative relationship with investors such as corporates and individual investors.

To provide the professional service and correct valuation, the UTIC organized the technology advisory group consisted of professors, technicians, engineers, researchers, and patent experts in all categories of technologies.

If you want to have new profitable opportunity, please come to the UTIC and make successful partnership.

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